Please Yourself

Please Yourself.

Emma Reed Turrell works with people pleasers every day in her clinical practice as a psychotherapist – clients wrestling with the complicated dilemmas of a life in which you can’t please everyone, but you don’t yet have the permission you need to please yourself.

In her groundbreaking, reassuring and essential book, Emma presents an alternative to people-pleasing. Through the stories of people-pleasers across all walks of life she offers insights and techniques that will help you understand yourself more fully and live more authentically.

Please Yourself will teach you how to be you, and is available now.

Emma Reed Turrell

About Emma

Emma Reed Turrell grew up near Portsmouth and went on to read English at Queens’ College, Cambridge. Following ten years working in business, she returned to her earlier passion for psychology and retrained as a psychotherapist.

"If you're a people pleaser (and you probably are) this book will change your life"

Elizabeth Day, on Please Yourself