Please Yourself.

The debut book by Emma Reed Turrell

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Please Yourself is an essential, inspirational, wise and forgiving book that will liberate the people pleaser inside us all.

We all know how it feels to want people to like us, to approve of us, to accept us. It’s part of what makes us human. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to support other people and help them satisfy their needs.

The problem comes when we give up our own needs along the way.

Because when we give to make others like us or approve of us, to shore up our own sense of self-worth, to feel needed or to avoid painful emotions, then we give to get. And rarely do we get what we really need.

This book will help you get better at being disliked, instead of staying quiet. It will help you recover instead of fearing failure. It will teach you acceptance instead of avoidance and show you how to grow instead of staying small.

Above all it will help you care better for others, without taking on their problems, through caring better for yourself.

Elizabeth Day, Author of How to Fail

'Utterly brilliant. Emma Reed Turrell is a wonderful writer, a compassionate guide and the therapist we all long for. Every page of Please Yourself contains a truth bomb; every sentence a golden nugget of wisdom. If you're a people-pleaser (and you probably are) this book will change your life. My only regret is that it didn't exist earlier as it would have saved me – and everyone else – a whole lot of bother’

Emma Gannon, Author of Olive

‘As a recovering people-pleaser who often falls back into its tempting trap, I absolutely loved this book. Informative, entertaining and empowering!''

Julia Samuel, Author of This Too Shall Pass

"A helpful, reassuring book that will give you insight into discovering your no is even more valuable than your yes. And in discovering it you'll find you like yourself more and others will too…"

Sam Baker, Author of The Shift

"Realistic, non-judgemental and genuinely helpful: your one way ticket to growing a backbone. It took me decades to learn why I people pleased and how to stop. Thanks to Emma Reed Turrell, you don’t need to wait that long"

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